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Stockbridge Kitchen Window

Into September

It’s been a busy week. I brought work home from one show, hung another show, and found out my art has been accepted into a third show. While updating my exhibitions page, I realized that that makes six times I’ll have exhibited my work this year. Very pleased with that number. I’ve also been rejiggering […]

Seaside Town 2

Finish it or ruin it: Gardenstown edition

Some paintings go from idea to finished work quickly and fluidly. Plenty of others get started and then cast aside, lingering around the studio in a half-finised state. Over time I manage to figure out some of these pieces, but there are always those that continue to stick around, not making their resolutions obvious to […]


On my easel this week: Stockbridge, lighthouses, Ardnamurchan

  I’ve been busy inside the studio and out these past couple weeks. It’s daylight out almost all the time these days in Edinburgh, so it’s easy to fit in painting time. My subject matter seems to have drifted to be all Scotland all the time at the moment.   I’m also hard at work […]

Talisker Distillery

Painting the Isle of Skye

It’s a busy week in the studio, as I’m finishing up some oil paintings and framing some works on paper for the 3 Harbours Arts Festival. As I was cataloging my new landscapes, I realized that a fair number of them were inspired by the Isle of Skye, a beautiful island off the west coast […]

GardenstownArt - 10

A week in Gardenstown

I’ve just had the privilege of spending a week on the Scottish coast at a workshop led by Gillian Lee Smith, an incredible artist and teacher. The workshop was held in Gardenstown, an impossibly tiny and adorable village with one pub, one cafe, and no mobile phone reception. We started the week with a lot […]


Christmas markets and springtime in Edinburgh

It’s spring in Edinburgh. The sun has been out more than not, trees and flowers are in bloom, and the days are quite noticeably longer. Everyone, even me the winter-lover, seems to be happy about the direction things are heading. In the studio, I’m a bit all over the place. I like to be able […]

Highland study with lighthouse

Highland landscapes show, and getting organized

Feeling a bit more organized this week. On Monday my new Scottish landscapes went on display at Bistro Provence, a French restaurant in Leith (a neighborhood of Edinburgh). They look¬†good on the walls, and people had lots of nice things to say at the opening, so I’m starting to believe that landscapes and I might […]

LandscapesInProgress 3

January landscapes

Happy new year, my three readers. It’s cold and drafty in my studio, but I’m pretty sure it’s building my character, or something.¬†This month my art has mainly focused on Scottish landscapes. Landscapes are a new challenge for me. How to create paintings that are interesting? Communicating an aspect of the beauty of a place […]

ArtStudio 2

Getting bigger

Now that that’s over, I’m moving on to some larger canvases, and now suddenly I have too many options. Do I focus on cityscapes next, as I had planned? Pursue Highland landscapes a bit more, as they turned out to be my favorite new subject last month? Go back to the Edinburgh pub and restaurant […]

PlocktonPainting 1

Day 30: one last Scottish landscape

So here we are at the end of Art Every Day Month, and what a lovely month it has been. I started out painting cocktails and desserts, and ended with moody Scottish landscapes. Given that at the beginning of the month I had no plan whatsoever (beyond making & sharing art every day), it was […]

NovemberArt 4

Day 26: painting Plockton

I love these tiny little 10x15cm canvases – I can easily paint several of them in a day. Right now I seem to be a little obsessed with Plockton, a Scottish Highland town we recently visited. (Yesterday I wrote about our trip to Plockton on my travel blog.) Going back through the dozens of photos […]


Day 25: Highland-like

Less than a week to go in the month, and then I will probably go back to painting larger pieces. So what do I want to create in these last few days? I decided I need to push myself a little more – to make images that are unexpected, not my usual creations. One way […]


Day 24: castle silhouette

It’s the last week of AEDM already! I’ve been having so much fun, playing around with new subject matters and styles, interacting with the other participants. Thank you so much for all your insightful and supportive comments. I’m energized going into this week, and I hope to come up with some interesting paintings to share […]


Day 19: Plockton, take 2

Look familiar? Today I painted the same scene as I did yesterday. I had intended to make it much more monochromatic and moody than yesterday’s, but some bright oranges and blues still managed to sneak their way in. As a ground I re-used a canvas board that had a very three-dimensional painting on it, so […]

AEDM18 1

Day 18: a seaside Scottish town

Not a great day in the studio today. I blame the sun. It was a very overcast day out, and my studio lighting isn’t good enough to compensate. Perhaps it’s time to look into some proper lighting to get me through the Scottish winter. I was hoping to work on several pieces today, but it […]

AEDMnew 5

Day 16: more imaginary Highlands

These are so much fun to paint. Inspired by all the Scottish Highlands photos that I’m sorting through for my travel blog, they’re little made-up landscapes. These two are a little bigger than the last ones: 15x15cm, oil on canvas. ———- It’s Art Every Day Month! Towards the end of the month, these new daily […]

AEDMnew 7

Day 13: Stockbridge study

I have had the idea for a painting like this percolating in my imagination for a while now. I want to make cityscapes with a certain combination of abstract compositional elements and recognizable details. I think I’ve been worried that I wouldn’t be able to produce images that lived up to the ideas in my […]

AEDMnew 3

Day 12: Abstract Highlands

I’ve been sorting through photos from a road trip to the Scottish Highlands these days (putting together posts for my travel blog). While I haven’t been drawn to paint any specific image, I wanted to play around with the kinds of shapes and compositions that I’m coming across in these photos. Plus sometimes you just […]

AEDM 3 (1)

Day 10: Bridge across the Forth

The Forth Rail Bridge is an iconic structure not far from Edinburgh. It’s a popular subject with local artists, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before it made an appearance on my easel. ———- It’s Art Every Day Month! Towards the end of the month, these new daily paintings will be […]

Sunset study, 20x20cm, oil on canvas.

November: Art Every Day Month begins

I’m so excited for Art Every Day Month this year. Sometimes you just need a kick in the ass to get you working away at the easel on a regular schedule. Even more than that, for me it’s serving as a reminder to share my creations along the way, good, bad, or ugly. I plan […]

Rose Street Study

Daily paintings: more Edinburgh

Edinburgh Study: Rose Street, 18 x 24 cm, oil on canvas. Available. Have I mentioned how long it takes paint to dry in Edinburgh? So much longer than in Munich. I’m still not used to living in such a humid climate. Edinburgh makes up for this minor inconvenience in other ways, luckily. I love painting […]


Daily paintings: Edinburgh

Study: St Bernard’s Well, Stockbridge. Available. Now that my acrylic painting course is over, I’m back on the oils (my current studio set up is so small that it’s easiest to just stick with one medium at a time). It’s nice to get back to my favorite medium, and I’m enjoying getting to know it […]

Down on the Royal Mile

Painting Edinburgh

I handed in my portfolio for my cityscape painting course this morning. I’m reasonably pleased with the work I produced for it – a series of eight acrylic paintings of Edinburgh (supported by dozens of studies, prints, and sketches). Edinburgh has proven to be an enchanting subject, reminding me constantly how lucky I am to […]

EdinburghArt 2

A taste of art in Edinburgh

Where am I today? Apartment-hunting in Edinburgh. I’m also getting a first look at the amazing art offerings of this city. Like the free drawing classes at the National Gallery taught by Damian Callan. I haven’t had much time to make art this month with all the traveling I’m doing, so it was wonderful to […]

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