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MixedMediaSketch - 5

100 pieces of parchment

We’re in the middle of a big home decluttering project (inspired in part by Marie Kondo’s excellent book). In the course of sorting through our office supplies, I came across a ridiculous amount (4 boxes) of ‘fine parchment’ ivory-colored printer paper, no doubt acquired by both my husband and me for printing resumes right out […]

SketchingOutdoors - 1

Sketching outside

Aided perhaps by the long days and sunny weather, I’ve been getting back into sketching outdoors recently. It helps that I’ve finally sorted out my sketching kit. For the longest time I was unhappy with my options, and could never quite work out how to improve things. I love sketching in charcoal, but don’t like […]

EdinburghSketches 1

Sketching Edinburgh

Since January I’ve been taking a cityscape painting course at Edinburgh College of Art. It has been everything I hoped it would be – namely, an excellent shove back into daily life as a painter. Sometimes having too much freedom about what art to make next can be overwhelming – endless possibilities, how to choose? […]

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