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This week in muse flogging, 12 Sept 2010

In my studio this week: I spent half of the week traveling, so didn’t get in as much studio time as usual. Still, I managed to make the most of the time I had and cranked out a few daily paintings before taking off. I started using a new wooden palette. I can’t decide if […]

unfinished apples

This week in muse flogging, 4 Sept 2010

In my studio this week: I’ve been pretty diligent about keeping up with my daily paintings, although I don’t seem to be able to stick to any single subject or style for very long. This week I painted palette-knife cities, still lifes, and Oktoberfest scenes. I’ve been re-working my portrait of Jen to the point […]

Emily - oil sketch

This week in muse flogging 28 Aug 2010

In my studio this week: I worked on a couple portraits, including this one of Jen and a quick live session with my friend Em serving as model. My small daily paintings focused on scenes from Munich. Other exciting stuff: All the posts from my old art blog were imported to this blog, so now […]

red onions

This week in muse flogging, 21 Aug 2010

Red onions #1, oil on canvas, 15 x 15 cm. ©2010 Julie Galante. [SOLD] In my studio this week: I’m working on a couple portraits, such as this one; the other one is a commission so you won’t see it for a while, until after it’s delivered to the client. Daily paintings galore! I’ve been […]

This week in muse flogging, 14 Aug 2010

In my studio this week: Another portrait is close to finished, and two more are in progress. I did a lot of experimenting with daily paintings, trying out different color palettes and subjects. I’ll post some of those soon. Other exciting stuff: Got inspired to learn about encaustic. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any upcoming courses […]

This week in muse flogging, 7 Aug 2010

In my studio this week: My daily paintings focused on medieval European cities. Finished a quick portrait of my husband Scott and started on a couple others (to be posted next week). Played around with mixing my own oil paints from pigments and boiled linseed oil. Love the smell. Other exciting stuff: I spontaneously treated […]

Weekly review for 31 Jul 2010

In my studio this week: Several more little daily paintings complete. Big switch from acrylic to oil as everyday medium. So far so good. Other exciting stuff: My revamped art web site went live this week. The design is all new, but I still need to update the paintings on it. What do you think? […]

Weekly review for 23 Jul 2010

Trying something out here. Will a weekly check-in on the blog help hold me accountable? We’ll see. In my studio this week: I completed several little daily paintings. Other exciting stuff: Flogging the Muse is up and running! Yay! Now that I finally have an art blog again, I’m excited to be a more active […]

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