AEDM day 30: more progress on Tuscany

Here we are, the last day of AEDM. I’ll write some more thoughts about this month tomorrow, but wow has it been a fabulous experience. Many, many thanks to Leah for organizing and inspiring us all.

Today I made a little more progress on the Tuscany painting I started earlier this month. I made the mistake of loving this one early on, which makes progress hard – I’m so afraid to ruin it that sometimes I feel paralyzed. I’m trying to get over that and just move ahead. So far so good.

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9 Responses to “AEDM day 30: more progress on Tuscany”

  1. KathrynAntyr says:

    First, congratulations on meeting your challenge! Second, I love where you are going with this painting. I am moving slowly on two paintings for the same reason. I’ve started the AEDM challenge, just yesterday so I’m taking up the banner and hope to create every day in December.

  2. Jul says:

    Thanks, Kathryn! I hadn’t actually thought of it that way yet, but I did complete the challenge, didn’t I? Yay me! :)

    Best of luck with your creative every day December. I hope to make a new commitment for December as well, but I haven’t yet decided on the details. Guess I should get thinking…

  3. papercord says:

    I bet this one will turn out great too! I am often so scared to ruin my paintings that I don’t touch them for weeks or even month. Though of course I know the only way to finish them is to take the risk.

  4. Helen says:

    I really love your use of colour! Your paintings are so unique. It was great meeting you through AEDM.

  5. KathrynAntyr says:

    What sort of gifts did you wrap up for your husband’s Advent calendar?

  6. Carol Cooper says:

    Hi Jul, your Tuscany is so inviting, Love it!! Special thanks to you again Jul, the AEDM project proved to be such a motivational project in the search and focus for creativity. I’ll continue to pop by, I really enjoy viewing your paintings!

  7. Dia says:

    Love the sky!
    A friend of mine painted a little jewel of an Arizona sunset – which I snatched up! I teased her that it just matched my bedroom (she 'doesn't paint!') & knew that she'd grumble, but give it to me! It hangs in my living room, & I smile every time I see it!


  8. Katie May says:

    I love this one just as is! It;s simplicity. It’s softness and quietness. But I don’t know what your vision is….I m sure it will be wonderfull….Ah TUscany, someday maybe for me! It is on my “list”!

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