AEDM day 6: so many leaves

I’m in Zurich visiting friends, so not much time for art! I did manage to squeeze in one little sketch – the view of my friend’s ivy-covered balcony. Drawing all those leaves individually was time-consuming, so I didn’t quite get a chance to finish. Maybe tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “AEDM day 6: so many leaves”

  1. oscar says:

    hello there! couldnt remember your artblog name until just now, was looking yesterday.. love your colorful doodles. i’ve been feeling so cheesy since the elections- one of my doodles was all hope and pride – and i couldnt bring myself to post it, but not to worry, there’s other cheesy stuff i posted on mine! this is fun, when I’m not frustrated:)

  2. Jul says:

    Hey there, Oscie. :) Glad you are having fun with AEDM! Will check out your cheesy gooodness with more attention when I get a chance to spend more than a couple minutes on the internet… can’t wait!

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