Happy Creative 2009!

I spent the past week having a blast in New York City, and now I’m home and ready for a very creative 2009. My Creative Every Day year is on its way. I got off to a slow, jetlaggy start, but today I’m feeling a little more energetic.

One of the big bits of excitement around here is our new SLR camera. This is the first camera I’ve had that isn’t a point-and-shoot, and I’m very excited to learning what it can do. Posts of photos (and sketchbook pages) to come soon!

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2 Responses to “Happy Creative 2009!”

  1. Kim says:

    Happy Creative ’09 to you too! After a little holiday stumble, I hope to get back into the creative swing myself! (I think the re-decorated Tannenbaum counts as a start, dont you?!)

  2. Jul says:

    Oh yeah, the Tannenbaum definitely counts!

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