AEDM 2009 day 19: pencil monsters

I had so little time for art today. For these pages I just grabbed a pencil and doodled in my monster sketchbook. The pencil itself was kind of interesting: a standard American number-2 dark blue pencil with “1990 FBLA DISTRICT II SKILLS’ CONFERENCE” stamped in gold on it. I wondered where it came from, and how it found its way into my pencil holder. I was happy to learn that it was my husband, and not I, who was hoarding 19-year-old pencils and moving them from country to country with us. Not that I haven’t been schlepping 19-year-old items through four countries myself. I’m sure there are plenty to be found.

This week has turned out to be so busy with things that are not art. Not that I can complain, since most of the things are very very fun things, but still it’s frustrating that I can’t give art the attention it deserves during Art Every Day Month. Hopefully tomorrow I will steal more time for art, and have something more interesting to share with you.

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3 Responses to “AEDM 2009 day 19: pencil monsters”

  1. Leah says:

    i like seeing your pencil monsters!

    and how funny about the pencil. funny how things like that can travel with us.

  2. Great pencil monster I could actually tell it was an American pencil..just kidding. It's funny how you collect things and take them places and I often wonder where they came from. Have a great weekend.

  3. Jenny Wren says:

    Jules I love how the monster project has brought some levity to your work. As a complete generalization- many of your beautiful paintings are calm scenes and the subjects tend to be calm (and true to life), so this is a refreshing foray into something different. xo

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