Daily Painting: fruit stand at Sendlinger Tor

20 x 15 cm, oil on canvas. Buy this original painting now on DaWanda.

This is another in my series of everyday Munich scenes. The days of big sun umbrellas and outside cafe tables are just about over for the season here. Luckily most of the fruit and vegetable sellers persevere all winter long, even when the only things growing in Germany are cabbages and potatoes. And luckily Italy isn’t that far away…

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5 Responses to “Daily Painting: fruit stand at Sendlinger Tor”

  1. Dave says:

    Nice work, I love the bold way you use colour in your paintings. Markets are a great subject, too. We live in a pretty drab part of Seattle, but the local farmers market makes the place seem interesting and vibrant for at least one day a week :)

  2. expatsagaain says:

    I know exactly where this is! I totally agree with Dave about the “bold way you use color.” I think it is what first attracted me to your art. Do you sketch at the location, work from photos, or go by memory when you paint? The warmth of colors suggests the sun’s warmth as well. Like you said, the days are numbered but you will have these lovely scenes of summer when the cold winter arrives to keep you warm. Good work as always!

  3. Jul says:

    Thanks so much, both of you!

    I bet Seattle has some lovely farmers markets.

    If it’s sunny tomorrow, maybe I’ll bring the camera with me to the weekly market here. I usually paint cityscapes from photographs that I’ve taken, although I sketch in various locations occasionally, too.

  4. Gosh !

    Nice…….thanks for the mini-education.

    The family portrait is nice too.

    OK, I said few comments, and I’m going to abide by that.

    See ya next month!


  5. Laurie Cunningham says:

    You are making me very homesick looking at your Munich paintings !
    You have a lot of may Fav places featured ! Hope you are enjoying Scotland !

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