Rainy days at Arte Studio Ginestrelle

wine bottle drawings

The last couple days have been rather gray and rainy here in Assisi, offering us the perfect excuse to sit by the fire and drink grappa for several hours each evening. Days are spent in the studio making art. Yesterday I did a series of sketches with wine bottles, and some landscapes of the rolling hills outside. I also framed my two pieces for the exhibition.

the supermarket truck

Yesterday during breakfast an unfamiliar (to me, at least) vehicle pulled up outside the farmhouse. It turned out to be a traveling general store which comes once a week. The back of the truck opened up to reveal a surprisingly large variety of goods being peddled by a friendly old man. We’re not that far from the nearest store – maybe a 10-minute drive at the most – but why go to the store when the store comes to you?

supermarket truck

Our meals are prepared by Adria, the mother of the residency director. The food is mostly simple preparations of outstanding local ingredients: eggs and cheese from the farm up the road, herbs from the yard, bread delivered daily. Yesterday I walked into the kitchen to find the table covered with fresh lasagne noodles that she had just made (they’ll go into tonight’s dinner – I can’t wait!).

fresh lasagne noodles drying on the kitchen table

Last night we watched a DVD that will be part of next week’s exhibition: students from Idaho performing an interpretive dance about the life of St. Francis of Assisi. Many of the artists here at Ginestrelle have been inspired by the two famous saints (Francis and Clare) that are associated with this city.

Nerone and his sister

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4 Responses to “Rainy days at Arte Studio Ginestrelle”

  1. aga says:

    I like your picture with bottles. Very well captured atmosphere of place where you stay. I love photo with cats.
    aga recently posted..Lady Butterfly

  2. Leah says:

    Hello, cute kitties!

    Lovely art you’ve created, as usual!
    Leah recently posted..Day 30: Shedding Gold

  3. I have so enjoyed your posts. I am a great fan of St. Clare (I like calling her Chiara) so the thought of that group’s interpretive dance definitely has my curiosity raised.

    I’m glad you got your pieces framed for the exhibition and your bottle sketches seem very layered from over here. Love it….

    Happy AEDM. Wasn’t it fantastic? Glad to find your post today.
    Julie Jordan Scott recently posted..Well? Answer the Question…..

  4. Jul says:

    Thanks, all! The cats around here are adorable – there are several of them.

    AEDM was wonderful as usual. It’s great to see what so many different artists are up to!

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