Tokyo and Assisi and Kickstarter and me

Assisi View Mixed Media
Work in progress: a mixed-media Assisi skyline

First, the big news: my Kickstarter project is live! The goal is to fund my February residency in Tokyo, Japan, by offering original artwork and other rewards to backers. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the support I’ve received already in these first couple days.

It’s now my last week in Munich with a studio (and an apartment). I’m all over the place trying to pack, say goodbye to friends, and still fit in a bit of art every day. My studio time is mostly focused on preparing for my Assisi residency (which starts next week), working with all of my mixed media materials and trying to decide which ones I want to bring with me. I wish I had room to pack them all.

My next email newsletter will be going out this week. Have you signed up for my mailing list?

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    Wow, that is AMAZING :D

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