Day 20: whisky with a view


A dram with a view, 24x18cm, oil on canvas. Available on Etsy.

I’ve been distracted this week, and seem to be struggling to fit in my daily paintings before it gets too dark (which is usually around 3:30pm these days). Given that this one was really fast and not very planned-out, I think it turned out OK. There are things about it I really like, and things that I know I can do better next time. I’d definitely like to do some more whisky paintings, perhaps larger ones so I can fit in more detail on the bottle.

Ten more days of Art Every Day Month. What else should I paint? More still lifes? Highlands? Cocktails? I feel like I’m being coaxed in several different directions. I’m also eager to get back to working on larger paintings. Sounds like I just need to make sure I’m prioritizing studio time for the rest of the month, so I can get to it all. Yay art.

It’s Art Every Day Month! Towards the end of the month, these new daily paintings will be available to purchase in my Etsy shop. Check out Leah’s blog for more information about Art Every Day Month, or follow the discussion on Twitter with the #aedm2014 hashtag.

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2 Responses to “Day 20: whisky with a view”

  1. J.A. says:

    I’ve loved all the cocktail/wine/whisky ones. The luminescent colors are very captivating. How about some more glimpses into your daily life – your morning cup of coffee, your chair with your books…?

    • Jul says:

      Good ideas! Although you’re making me wish I used a more interesting coffee cup. Might have to go trawling through the charity shops for some props. :)

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