Art Every Day Month, day 28

MuybridgeDrawings - 1

Today’s assignment was to draw a series of Muybridge poses using layers of gesso and marks-all pencil. I tried it twice, but I’m still disappointed with the results. Both would have been better if I had overlapped the figures more, been more forceful with the pencil marks, and been more expressive with my mark-making. Probably if I spent more time with them, I could bring them to a more satisfying place, but I’m not sure whether it’s worth the time. Perhaps I should just move on to the next exercise.

MuybridgeDrawings - 2

I think I’m disappointed with these in part because I was so happy with the portrait exercises from earlier in the week. I feel like I’m going backwards somehow. Perhaps it just means that I need to work on my figure drawing skills more. It’s always good to look for opportunities to develop as an artist.

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